Re the 50th Year Birthday Party

posted on 29 January 2014

Lodge Chapter

50th Year Birthday Party

On March 5th 2014 The Lodge of The Round Table 7961 celebrates its 300th meeting and its 50th Birthday!

We are druming up as much support as we can for this meeting as the ““Black Country Heritage Lodge 9702”” will be providing the 'entertainment' for the evening.

If you have not seen them in action before the Black Country workings, demonstrates a ceremony of initiation of a candidate as it might have been carried out in the reign of Queen Victoria by those celebrated Black Country characters “Aynuk and Ayli.” Our sole aim is to provide an evening of Masonic fun and enjoyment with a strong Masonic message.

Start time and cost are yet to be sorted, details coming soon. However please feel free to contact us now to register your support for this milestone Birthday and we will make sure you get copies of the details ASAP.

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