2015 Installation Meeting

posted on 03 April 2015


W.Bro. G. W. Barrow, Asst Prov GM, Presiding Officer

On Wednesday 1st April the Lodge of Round Table installed their new WM, the meeting was attended by 45 brethren , who witnessed an excellent night both in the lodge room and at the festive board.

Interestingly the new WM is the first since 2008 to be installed who was not a previously installed master, the lodge has a solid foundation to see the future promotions of light blue aprons into the chair.

The provincial team consisted of :

  • W.Bro G W Barrow Asst Prov GM as Presiding Officer
  • W.Bro J F Marzouk P.Prov. J.G.W. as Provincial Senior Grand warden
  • W.Bro M J Dykes P.Prov. S.G.W. as Provincial Junior Grand Warden
  • W.Bro D Emery Prov. A.G.D.C. as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Along with the following Grand Lodge Officers:

  • V.W.Bro Richard Price, P.G.Swd.B.
  • W Bro F Jephcott, P.S.G.D.
  • W Bro Michael Cox, P.A.G.D.C.
  • W Bro Barrie Simpson, P.A.G.D.C.
  • W Bro William Southgate, P.G.Std.B.

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