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posted on 15 October 2014

Lodge Social

Provincial Grand Master

The summer saw another splendid performance on the golfing front at Worcestershire Masonic Golfing Society the 51st Annual event held at Kings Norton Golf Club, W Bro CV Firminger and Bro N Wainwright were victorious in winning the Weatheroak bowl for the second time in 3 yrs, beating off strong competition.

The awards were present by the Provincial Grand Master himself, again, another successful day on the golf course and for the charity causes.

The first meeting back on the 1st Oct we had an initiation a Mr Ian Leslie Taylor, now Bro. a very nervous night for some of us who were on the floor on our own e.g me as JD and the IG and the JW with the Charge.

It all went very well or so we were told by the Provincial Rep. so a good night was had by all.

On the 5th of November we are going to have a raising of Bro. Pete Cash so hopefully another good night.

December 3rd will be the Lodge Christmas party, again we will be inviting all friends and families plus all the widows, we are hoping to re-engage with Tom "Steve Goodchild" Jones for another rendering performance to hopefully out shine all those amateurs currently on X factor, we wait for the WM's persuasive tongue on W Bro Steve Goodchild.

So any interest in the forthcoming events please contact the Secretary.

by Nigel Wainwright

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