Birthday Bash for 7961

posted on 09 March 2014

Lodge Chapter

Seventy two people attended 50th birthday bash for the Lodge of the Round Table. Distinguished visiting Brethren included, W Bro Keith Evans, Asst Provincial Grand Master, Worcestershire, W Bro Michael Morris, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Warwickshire, and four Grand Lodge Officers. Sixty six Brethren were joined by eight of the demonstration team from Black Country Heritage Lodge .

I can say that all the younger brethren who had not seen the demo before had a very enjoyable evening, even more when very senior Provincial officers were called to the floor to show their knowledge, although not sure they were expecting the BCH lodge workings, and hence fines were levied.

The Lodge of the Round Table wish to extend their thanks to BCH lodge for the demonstration, as with all pieces of ritual we are sure hours of practice were needed to make the evening so informative, interesting and very humorous.

 Far left, Bro Baker who was unlucky enough to be asked to be the initiate.

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