Aynuk & Ayli Werkings at our 50th Birthday

posted on 26 February 2014


Black Country Heritage

On March 5th 2014 The Lodge of the Round Table 7961 celebrates its 300th meeting and its 50th Birthday.

We are trying to drum up as much support as we can for this meeting. The Black Country Heritage Lodge No. 9702 will demonstrate an initiation, which should lead to 'entertainment' for the evening, the Black Country Lodge even has its own original song, composed by one of its members.

So to mark this milestone event in our Lodge History all we need is your support. We need as many visitors as we can possibly coax along, who will be able to enjoy this Masonic fun-packed evening, a full Lodge room would be just the job to document in our 50 year records.

The Black Country Heritage Lodge No 9702 was created to reflect the warm spirit of the Black Country; with a simple philosophy that freemasonry will thrive and prosper if it is both enjoyable and affordable.

The Lodge developed from a group of masons from that fine Province Of Warwickshire but themselves Black countrymen, often discussed the idea of a ‘Black Country Lodge,’ where members could be as they bist, spake how they spoked and replace such mundane adjectives as ‘very good’ with the more meaningful ‘bostin’.

Brethren may have seen these workings before, but if not I am told it is not to be missed and if you have, a second viewing is recommended.

One of our founder members W Bro Paddy Firminger, P.Prov.S.G.W. will be attending and no doubt a tear may be seen as he reminiscences over the past 50 years.

Please contact us if you would like to come along. Lodge opens at 5.30pm and the cost for the Festive Board will be £22, not sure if the menu is faggots and pays but it is Aynuk & Ayli Werkings.

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